Flu jabs

Last year we were late to start the annual flu shot campaign and we have not yet reached some of you. If you still want a flu shot and received an indication, come and visit the GP-office. The flu epidemic doesn't seem to have really broken down yet, so it's still worth it.


Connection to National Exchange Point (LSP)

The LSP is an electronic healthcare infrastructure. It’s a network and healthcare providers can connect into it. Using this network, healthcare providers can consult medical information about their patients in this LSP system.  Access to this information can be vital in case of medical emergencies. For joining in, we need your permission.

From 2020, we would like to offer this opportunity to anyone who wants to do so.

There are 4 different ways to give permission:

  1. Use the button ‘LSP’ on the GP’s website.
  2. Do it online at
  3. Complete the permission form (available at the counter of the GP-office or at the website: ) and hand it in at the GP-office.
  4. Tell the assistants at the GP-office that you agree with sharing your current medical data.


OLVG (hospital) and access to your data

After the introduction of privacy legislation in 2018, the OLVG also closed our access to patient data. Before the implementation of this new legislation we had access to all our patient’s medical data at the OLVG.

To regain access by us to your medical data you personally have to give your consent to the OLVG at their registration desk or you can give permission online through your "MIJN-OLVG". It is very important that your GP can access your medical data at any time, since we’re involved in your treatment as well.  


Project “Open”

We are working very hard to grant access to anyone who is registered in our GP-office to your own medical data in the GP's file from mid-2020. What exactly it will look like in daily use has yet to be seen. But we'll come back to that when the time comes.



Blood collection location OLVG / SALT, introduction of extended opening hours


Since February 2018 there is a blood collection facility of the OLVG-hospital / SALT at our GP-office. You don’t have to make an appointment in advance, but you should be able to identify yourself.  
You can visit the facility on any working day between 08.00 and 11.30 am. 
Starting from January 2020, there will also be the possibility to have a vaginal ultrasound made by a gynecologist, in our GP-office through SALT. A reference from your own GP is required. If you are not registered at our GP-office, you are also welcome, to make use of this facility.


New privacy legislation 
On May 25, 2018, the new privacy law was officially introduced and that means that we, as general practitioners, are no longer allowed to answer e-mails through our former ‘unsecured’ email addresses. 

Many of you are not yet familiar with our ‘secured’ GP’s email system. The secure route runs through our website, or simply reply if you have received a secure message from the office through ‘Zorgmail’.

You can submit questions: 
1) by contacting the office by telephone,
2) by using the button ‘contact’, left at the bottom of the web page.



In addition to Catherine Puylaerts, our young doctor in training, the GP-office facilitates also medical assistants in training. From February 2020 Gail Groenewegen will join as a new intern in the assistant team.


Expansion team

Starting January 2020, the assistant team has been expanded. Tirza Joosten will work on Monday and join in when others have their holidays.

 In addition, Job Merkies will start as a ‘POH-GGZ’ on Tuesday evening.


Opening hours 
Opening hours are from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. Between 11 am and 1 pm and after 4.30 pm the office phone line will not be answered and the front door will be closed to allow the medical assistant team to perform their work undisturbed, such as processing emails, writing out repeat prescriptions, performing medical procedures, etc. We have lunch between 12.30-13.00 pm. 
The telephone is therefore only available for emergencies during these hours. We would appreciate it if you would take this into account.